2 FREE on Your 18th & 65th B-Day


A Special Deal for a Special Day!

Up to 2 FREE piercings on your 18th and 65th Birthday.

We gift you the piercing fees for your big day and all you have to do is purchase the jewelry.

All other birthdays you get 10% off everything on your special day (excluding care products). Must be on your birthday.

Not valid with other offers. 

*You will need valid photo ID, a school ID will not work on your 18th birthday or temporary paper ID . 

We are honoring our 18th & 65th 2 free piercings birthday special for SEVEN (7) days now! For example, if your birthday lands on the 7th, you will have until 13th to enjoy getting that special birthday piercing. Remember your valid ID (sorry no temporary paper ID allowed). You need arrive at least one hour before we close, even on a half day, call that day for our hours.

*For the best possible piercing experience you should be well rested and have a bite to eat before getting a piercing. Good personal hygiene is crucial to healing a piercing. A good attitude and focused state of mind help immensely. Listen to your piercer, they will guide you through your piercing to make it as quick and painless as possible.