Gold Jewelry Care

Gold is a very soft metal.  If your jewelry is threaded (i.e. barbell, curved barbell, etc.), you need to gently check the beads for tightness every so often.  Be careful not to cross thread or over tighten the piece.  This will cause damage. Threadless beads will break if you bend them too much or too tight.

Gold will develop a tarnish over time from being in the body.  This is very normal. 

The discoloration is caused by your body's reaction to the alloys in the metal.  Persons with a higher acid content in their bodies will cause the color of the gold to change some what faster, and the tarnish CAN be polished out for a nominal fee. You may also want to purchase a sunshine polishing cloth to keep your jewelry brilliant.



We strongly recommend that you not swim on a regular basis while wearing your gold jewelry.  The chlorine in the water breaks down the alloys in the metal so that it can cause the piece to become brittle and break.  If you must be in the pool all the time, don't wear your gold (please note the same goes for fine jewelry for those of you who wear your jewelry all the time).  Always remember to put in your stainless steel or titanium jewelry to keep the holes open.

For those of you with oral piercings:  If you are a coffee, cola, or tea drinker, take note that all of these will cause your jewelry to develop a darker color to the gold.  This can be polished out for a nominal fee.

Be aware of your jewelry catching on clothing.  Since some of the pieces do have prongs (those little things which hold in the stone), these sometimes will catch.  A note to those who have natural opals in their jewelry.  Opals do need to be oiled with a thin coating of mineral oil every so often.  If you would like to have your jewelry checked and cleaned by a professional jeweler, ask Halo to give you a recommendation of jewelers who will perform this service for you.   

If you do remove your piece from your body frequently, this can damage the piece. Doing this will begin to wear down clasp mechanisms or threads and cause problems, or captive bead rings can begin to lose their tension, which will make the beads fit inadequately.  Some pieces can be repaired for a fee.