Can I bring jewelry I bought at the mall?

Jewelry purchased at the mall is more often than not made out of a lower quality metal, is the wrong size or is not appropriate for initial piercings.  Since we unable to predict who may or may not have an unfavorable reaction to this type of material, we simply do not use it.  Also, We use jewelry at a length selected specifically for you, made of material proven to be safe for the body.  We sterilize several different sizes if needed and the piercer will custom fit it to your anatomy in the room while you get pierced.   back to top

Can I be pierced with my own jewelry?

If your jewelry is from Halo or someplace that carries the same qulaity jewelry that Halo does, it's in good condition and is appropriate for an initial piercing, we probably can use it.  However, we will have to see the jewelry first to check if it will work.   back to top

What metals to you pierce with?

We pierce with

  • ASTM F-138 certified implant grade stainless steel
  • ASTM F-136 certified implant grade titanium
  • Solid 14kt and 18kt Gold (White, Yellow or Rose) and Platinum.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            All of the jewelry we pierce with is handmade with a mirror finish. All of our threaded jewelry is internally threaded, which hurts less to get pierced with. All gems stones have bezel setting are crimped over the edges of the gemstone, producing a secure fit – no glues used!   back to top

How long is it going to take or what is the wait time to get pierced?

Time can vary greatly.  While we allot a standard amount of time per piercing/install, once the piercer takes the client into the room, that time may change.  However, the piercing usually is less than a second. When we're busy, please be patient, we do get to everyone.   back to top


Healing times?

Healing times vary for all piercings, we give aftercare sheet that you can keep with healing times a care suggestions. Also, the piercer will discuss your healing in the room when they go over care. back to top

Do you do special orders?

Yes, we do special orders.  You want to plan ahead if you're thinking of ordering something; Manufacturers make items to order making the average turnaround time eight to twelve weeks. If you are from out of town please contact us on our instagram or favebook page with what you need and we will try out best to get it for you.  back to top

Does it hurt?

No/Yes/Maybe - Pain is different for everyone, so you may feel some pain, you may not.  The average response we get from people after they've been pierced is, "Is that it?"  Making sure you're well rested and had a good meal before coming in to get pierced will help you better manage any discomfort you may feel while getting pierced.   back to top

Why do I have to eat before getting pierced?

Having eaten within the four hours prior to getting pierced will help your whole piercing experience go better for you.  It reduces the chance of you feeling faint or actually passing out and helps your body better manage any discomfort you may feel when getting pierced.   back to top

Can you numb the area before I get pierced?

Unfortunately, we cannot since it is unsafe.    back to top

Can I hide my piercing?

A septum piercing can be hidden immediately upon being pierced.  A nostril can be pierced with jewelry that is meant for hiding, but you will not be able to change it for at least a month and may not hide as well as you need.  Most piercings, once they are fully healed, can be easily hidden with retainers that we carry at the studio for purchase.   back to top

Will you pierce my baby?

The youngest we pierce here is 13.  We believe that the person getting pierced should be able to express the want of that piercing, to be able to read and complete their paperwork, and understand and be able to perform the proper aftercare to ensure good healing of that piercing.   back to top

Are small children allowed in the studio?

Sorry, but no one under the age of 10 years is allowed. Don't get us wrong, we love children!  And we do apologize that we must stand firm in our decision.  We feel that the studio is not the best environment for children.  Also, we're piercing people here.  Can you imagine the crash of glass from an unforeseen accident or the cry/yell of a child while you're getting pierced?  We certainly don't want you or the piercer getting startled in the middle of your procedure and jumping or flinching, causing a piercing gone wrong.  We hope you can understand, we're looking out for the safety of everyone involved.   back to top

Is it okay to swim while healing a piercing? 

Our main goal is for your new piercing to heal well.  Swimming or bathing in any body of water is going to expose your newly pierced tissue to all kinds of bacteria, some potentially harmful.  The best way to stay safe?...avoid swimming until you're well healed.   back to top

Will the Daith piercing cure my migraines?

While there isn't any medical proof that it works, we have gotten a fair amount of positive feedback from migraine sufferers.  We can't guarantee it will work for you, but if you would like to try, we would be happy to pierce you.   back to top

Can I pierce both sides of my cartilage at the same time?

Actually you can, IF you're a dedicated back sleeper.  Sleeping on any healing cartilage piercing can greatly increase the healing period, cause the piercing to change angle or migrate, or just cause the piercing to fail altogether.  Piercing and healing one side at a time works best for most people.   back to top

Can I get my nostril pierced with a ring, I want it to be nice and fitted?

We will be happy to pierce your nostril with a ring, however, it must have extra room in it to allow for swelling and we do want you to know that healing with a ring can be more difficult for some people.  That super cute, tiny ring will wait for you to heal which is about 4 months.   back to top

Can I get my (nose, septum, helix) pierced with a seamless ring?

At Halo, we won't pierce anything with a seamless ring.  More than once we've seen that seamless ring rotate the seam into the piercing, either causing discomfort or allowing the tissue to heal in the seam, thus requiring a re-pierce for that person.   back to top

Can my friend take photos or video while I'm getting pierced?

Sure you can, but only before and after. Not during, please. Out of respect for the personal privacy of our piercers and staff we do not allow video recording or photos of a piercing. We have a "red carpet" area in the waiting area that you can take as many photos of yourself that you wish (if we are not too busy we will do it for you). Just remember to tag us #halopiercing or/and @halopiercing   back to top

Why do you make such a big deal about me touching my piercing/jewelry?

This is a very important question.  We have people coming in all day to get pierced, get new jewelry for their healed piercing or have an assessment done on a piercing that's having issues.  Everyone wants to touch their piercing when they talk about it...we understand this, it's human nature.  However, whether your piercing is fully healed, brand new or having problems, we don't want to see you're piercing being negatively affected by foreign bacteria.  This is not to say anyone is dirty or at fault, but someone else's bacteria is foreign to your body and can cause an unfavorable response by your piercing.  This is actually a practice we'd love to see everyone doing everywhere, but at least in the studio where piercings are the main focus, we try to minimize the transfer of foreign bacteria between individuals.   back to top

Can I get my navel pierced with that dangly piece?

We love the dangly pieces.  Alas, we cannot pierce with them.  That dangle will put too much extra weight on the jewelry and your navel piercing may not heal, may have problems or may just migrate (reject) right out of your body.   back to top

Do we get a discount since there are three of us here?

For health and safety reasons, we require a fresh set up with new sterilized needles and tools for each person getting pierced, with this inherit built-in cost per-person, unfortunately there is no opportunity for group discounts.     back to top

Do you do Friday the 13th specials?

While it may be one of our favorite days as well, we do not. Lucky for you, every day is a special day to us, so you will have a great time regardless of the day you visit us.!   back to top