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Glen and Kelsey began their careers in the body piercing industry in 1992 in Arizona. Halo Precision Piercing, LLC was then founded in 1998. Since first opening their doors, Glen and Kelsey have prided themselves on employing the highest caliber piercing professionals; the most educated and helpful counter assistants, and the widest selection of jewelry in North America.

Photos by Pete Speyer

"The people at Halo are very patient, kind and knowledgeable! I went in with a friend not really planning on getting a piercing of any kind. I talked with the staff, looked at the jewelry and then went in with my friend when she got her nostril done. I decided then and there I had to have mine done too. 

Ana did a great job of selecting the location that would look best on me and reassuring me. Her skills are FANTASTIC! I also love listening to her talk with that beautiful CZ accent! 

I've got a piercing or two that I'm I've got a piercing or two that I'm considering having done and if I do decide to get them done ...?? I'll be going to Halo!" 

-Michelle D. on Yelp.com 

"Halo is amazing.  I've been a customer since I was 18, (that's 10 years).  I've had all my piercings done there.  They carry a full selection of unique, high quality jewelry that makes you feel like you're eight years old at a candy store.

Their piercing rooms are probably cleaner than your doctor's office and because Glen and Kelsey only hire good, clean professionals, you are always in good hands." 

-naomi g. on Yelp.com

Photos by Peter Speyer
Thank You Pete!

"How do I love thee? Let me count the gauge. Or the piercings. Or the number of stunning jewelry pieces I have purchased over the years.

I have recommended that so many people go here, and many have, only to leave as satisfied customers. Halo knows its business. They are detail-oriented, obsessed with cleanliness, and with impeccable taste--in short, everything you want when you are about to put metal, wood, bone, etc., into your body."   
-Stephanie G. on Yelp.com

Due to the nature of our business, we don't allow anyone under the age of 12 years in the studio (We have a bench right outside the studio so you can bring an adult that can watch your child while you are here).  

Minors getting pierced must be with a parent.