Weekly we receive inquiries concerning apprenticeships with HALO Piercing & Jewelry. While we are pleased to see such avid interest in the industry, we will not be able to accommodate an apprentice at this time. A piercing apprenticeship is an intensive process that requires an immense amount of time and effort on behalf of not only the apprentice, but the senior piercers as well. 
     Aspiring body piercers should be First Aid/CPR certified and should attend an OSHA  blood borne pathogens training class before beginning their training in sterilization, disinfection, cross-contamination, and other health and safety issues. Finally, an apprentice must devote several months to the close observation of all procedures/piercings before spending a minimum of one year in full-time supervised training. Unfortunately, because we are so busy at this time we would not be able to provide the intensive one-on-one attention and training that any aspiring body piercer deserves.