Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome 2012

2011 was great year for all of us at HALO, we have a new 
addition, an amazing new receptionist, Stephanie.  Stephanie 
fits in perfectly with our piercers, Jeremiah and Ana. 
Ana continues to compete at her matches and hang out
with her dogs. Jeremiah is still shooting his photography, 
if you are at a special event you will probably see him. 

With Arizona Hi-Fi moved next to HALO we now get to see 
Dan on a regular basis. We still have the best neighbors 
anybody could wish for at Medlock Plaza. If you have not 
been to Arizona Hi-Fi, frances, Stinkweeds, frances Studio 
or Smeeks you must next time you visit HALO. 

Our big remodel that we started the 4th of July went 
smoothly, thanks to all of our employees, family and 
friends. The layout is much more open, with even more 
display space perfect for all our new jewelry. So far 
everyone loves it and it is a must see.

This New Year we are going to focus more on enjoying life 
within the local surroundings.  After years of the Light Rail 
construction Downtown/Uptown Phoenix is finally becoming 
community again.  So many new shops, bars and 
restaurants, easy to walk, bike or take the light rail to visit.  
Finally a neighborhood destination you could explore for days.

We will be having our Annual Heard Museum Artist Event 
with artists Pat Pruitt and Marla Allison in March. Other 
artist will be attending and will be announced in one of our 
emails soon. Please make sure you join our email list at 
the shop or on our facebook fan page soon to be included. 
As for some of our New Years Resolution we plan to try 
Yoga at Inside The Bungalow, devour at least one piece of 
candy from Smeeks a week, explore our state parks and 
enjoy vinyl purchased from Stinkweeds on our Arizona Hi-Fi 
turntable nightly. We also will feature new artist and jewelry 
in the studio throughout the year.  
The New Year is a great reason to try something you have 
always wanted to do, like getting that new piercing. 
We hope to see you soon.
Welcome to 2012,
Kelsey and Glen