Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lucky 13

13 years ago today many things happened.  Glen was rocking to Everybody 
(Backstreet's Back) by the Backstreet Boys and Kelsey was re-discovering the 
comedic genius of Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer.  1998 was a stellar 
year, the most memorable event for both of us, was the establishment of Halo 
Precision Piercing, llc.
While $1.15 per gallon of gas is a thing of the past, Halo is still here, 13 
years later, our Lucky 13.  Still embracing the philosophy that quality 
jewelry, immaculate environment, and courteous staff are what make Halo 
gleam like the western setting sun in the Arizona state flag.
We would love to thank all our employees over the years, from those that 
made life interesting, to those that, well, made life VERY interesting....
you all have a very special place in our hearts, for being part of what 
Halo is today.
We would also like to thank our friends, our family, our manufacturers...
yes, ours.... many of you have become more than friends. You are truly a part 
of our family.  Thank you for all your support, for helping us when we needed it,
for making that sacrifice, for that we are indebted to you.
Last but not least, our clients...what can we say, you have been with us 
since the beginning.  We have shared your birthdays, we have embraced your 
rites of passage, we have tried our very best to be there for you.  For that 
we thank you.
While back in 1998, Bill and Monica were heavy news....Halo was just a 
little shop on the corner of Central and Camelback.  13 years, later, Bill 
and Monica are not news, Halo is still on the corner of Central and 
Camelback and still abiding by the same philosophy that they started