Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome Arizona Hi-Fi to Medlock Plaza

Halo would like to welcome Arizona Hi-Fi to Medlock Plaza and we wish Red Hot Robot the best at their new location.  Arizona Hi-Fi is the Southwest's premier VacuumTube and High-Performance audio specialist. Arizona Hi-Fi's focus remains on the music itself and cutting-edge 2-channel reproduction using designs manufactured by the best companies in the world. Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of months for cool new happenings and/or openings in the Historic Medlock Plaza.

For more information please visit their site or join their fan page

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sneak Peak Jewelry

Please be our guest to the HALO SNEAK PEEK of our latest jewelry designs. We have received new styles and limited editions from several of our favorite designers. However, due to our limited display space our HALO SNEAK PEEK gives you the opportunity to purchase this unique jewelry before we either send it away or put it in back stock until we get the room to display these amazing pieces. Very, very incredible, I don't know how... these designers continually top themselves. Jewelry ranges from 8 Gauge to 1" inch in various woods, horn, silver, brass, copper, gold, rose gold and stone.

This event will be one-on-one with Glen and Kelsey. You will be able to make custom orders on other jewelry besides lobe jewelry. You may also make custom orders on any of jewelry in the sneak peak in your size if we do not have it on hand.

The event will take place at HALO on
Friday April 22nd from 2pm to 7pm and
Saturday April 23rd 2pm to 7pm.
We will be closed for Easter Sunday

Please contact us for an appointment at 602-230-0044 or on our Face Book fan page